Abstract Submission

Submission deadline: 17th July 2022

Terms and conditions

  • All submissions must be made by sending an E-mail to contact@vuexplorer.com by the deadline, 17th July 2022
  • Once you have submitted your abstract you will receive an E-mail summary. Please check this to make sure all information is correct. The organisers will not accept any responsibility for abstracts that have not been submitted properly.
  • All abstracts MUST be submitted in the presenting author’s name. Any abstract without an assigned speaker may not be considered for review.
  • Submitters can edit their abstracts up to the deadline

Abstract types

  • Abstract may be submitted in the following categories: Oral presentation or poster (Printed Poster)
  • If you are submitting a free paper or a poster, you must ensure to choose a theme from program overview
  • All abstracts will initially be reviewed, graded and accepted or rejected by the Scientific Committee. The Committee reserves the right to determine whether a free paper submission is accepted as an oral presentation or a poster. The decision of the Committee is final.
  • If a paper or poster is accepted for presentation, the first author must undertake to present it. The speaker must be a registered delegate at the Congress and pay all applicable fees.

Abstract types

All submitted free paper, poster abstracts must be in English and follow the structured format below:

  • Title – max 250 characters
  • Purpose – max 100 words
  • Setting – max 50 words
  • Materials and methods – max 100 words
  • Results – max 100 words
  • Conclusions – max 100 words
  • Financial Disclosure of all authors
  • Poster format (the printing format is: portrait A0 size = 84.1cm wide on 118.9cm height)