World Ophthalmic Ultrasound Congress
Paris, France 24th - 26th September 2022
2022’s President of the SIDUO Congress

  • This congress will cover all the ophthalmic ultrasound imaging topics: Standardized A, UBM, Biometry and IOL-calculation, Echo Doppler, Comparison OCT/ Ultrasound, comparison Radiology/Ultrasound, Ultrasound technologies…
  • The complete program will include hot topics in ultrasound, expert sessions, technology presentations, teaching sessions for beginners and workshops.
  • Registration will be open to ophthalmologists, radiologists, orthoptists, technicians, ophthalmic photographers, nurses, optometrists, engineers…
  • All companies involved in ultrasound imaging are invited to present devices and research works.
  • SIDUO Executive Board

    • Eduardo Moragrega (Mexico) SIDUO’s President
    • Mario DeLatorre (Peru) SIDUO’s Secretary
  • SIDUO Organizing committee

    • Michel PUECH (2022 President of the organizing committee, France)
    • Olivier BERGES
    • Maté STREHO
    • Xavier ZANLONGHI
    • Mickaël SELLAM
    • Patricia KOSKAS
    • Violaine CAILLAUX
    • Polina ASTROZ
    • Jean Pierre CAUJOLLES
    • Sofiene KALLEL
    • Pierre PEGOURIÉ

SIDUO 2022 Scientific Committee: Norma Allemann (Brazil), Mario De La Torre (Peru), Peter Good (UK), Rudolf Guthoff (Germany), Tatiana Kiseleva (Russia), Luisa Pierro (Italy), Michel Puech (France) , Dan Reinstein (UK), Nicola Rosa (Italy), Janos Nemeth (Hungary), Algaeed A (Saudi Arabia), Piñeiro A (Spain), Garcia-Linares L (Spain), Yang W (China)

SIDUO XXVIII will be joined to the 12th Congress “Ophthalmic Imaging: from theory to current practice” September 23rd (same venue).
Both Congresses are organized by VuExplorer Institute :
We encourage you to attend both events with preferential rate for double registration!

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